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Rothmore Property, a premier destination for new homes and investment opportunities in the UK, is collaborating with Global Investment Property (GIP) to leverage their combined expertise and resources.

As property specialists, Rothmore Property offer the chance to invest in off-plan developments and buy-to-let properties with returns of up to 10% – 15% NET.

Working with Rothmore Property gives you access to:

  • Off-plan and completed luxury developments
  • High yielding investment properties
  • Guaranteed rental returns programme
  • 5-star service and expertise
  • In-house traditional and serviced accommodation management team

Streamlined Property Investment Buying Process

Rothmore Property’s commitment is to serve as your trusted partner in the property industry, delivering unmatched properties, expert guidance, and exceptional services throughout the process. Rothmore Property is committed to guiding clients through the property investment buying process with a level of expertise and care that is mindful of the significance of such investments. By joining forces with GIP, Rothmore aims to broaden its reach, ensuring clients benefit from their well-rounded and informed buying experience.

The collaboration is built on a shared understanding of the property market’s complexities and the importance of supporting clients at every step. Rothmore Property’s selection of properties is curated from collaborations with trusted developers, ensuring that clients have access to secure, premium property investments. Working with GIP is expected to further this commitment by integrating GIP’s extensive network and digital capabilities with Rothmore’s personalised service approach.

About the Partnership

Catering to national and global property investors, Rothmore Property offer lucrative investment properties across major UK cities. Rothmore Property has offices in Manchester and Birmingham with strong links to Liverpool; this locality ensures Rothmore’s hands-on approach to servicing customers across the UK. Connecting savvy investors with prime new build apartments and off-plan properties nationwide. Rothmore helps to maximise success with high-yield, low-risk investments in the UK buy-to-let market.

This partnership marks the next step for Rothmore Property in their mission to deliver an exceptional property buying experience. While the collaboration with GIP introduces new opportunities, Rothmore remains focused on maintaining the quality and integrity of its service, ensuring that every property investment is a sound and rewarding decision.

About Rothmore Property

Rothmore Property offers a comprehensive property investment service, managing every aspect from initial consultations to key handover. Rothmore is dedicated to promptly and efficiently addressing all client queries and requirements. Specialising in new homes, Rothmore’s expert consultants work diligently to meet the unique goals of each client, backed by a portfolio of properties from established developers.

Rothmore aims to provide a seamless property investment experience. With top-notch service and a dedicated team, rest assured your investment is well-cared for.

For more information on Rothmore Property, its partnership with GIP, and the services offered, please visit:

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