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Global Investment Property, or GIP, the trailblazing online platform that has democratised access to premium property investments, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hunter Jones Group, the boutique firm known for its exclusive, institution-grade property investment opportunities. 

This collaboration is poised to offer investors a gateway to ventures that were once the exclusive domain of heavyweight institutional players.

The alliance marries GIP’s expansive digital reach and innovative investment platform with Hunter Jones’s niche in curating high-yield, alternative property investments. This partnership is not just another corporate handshake; it’s a bold step towards bridging the gap between the elite world of property investment and the individual investor, promising to inject a new level of diversity and accessibility into the market.

GIP has carved out a reputation for itself as a vanguard of the online property investment space, offering its users access to a broader spectrum of investment opportunities. The collaboration with Hunter Jones Group is a testament to GIP’s commitment to innovation and its relentless pursuit of offering value to its investors.

“Hunter Jones’s unique approach to property investment, combined with our technological platform and reach, creates a formidable force in the market,” said Phill Etchells, head of sales for GIP. “This partnership is more than just a strategic alignment; it’s a fusion of our shared vision to democratise property investment and offer unprecedented opportunities to our investors.”

On the flip side, Hunter Jones Group, with its bespoke approach to property investment, has consistently offered its clients access to high-caliber investment opportunities. The collaboration with GIP represents another step forward in its mission to make these exclusive opportunities more accessible to a wider audience.

“Aligning with Global Investment Property enables us to leverage their digital prowess to amplify our reach” said Luke De Stefano, Director. “Together, we’re set to make the property investment landscape more inclusive and accessible than ever before.”

For more details on this partnership and the opportunities it heralds, interested parties are encouraged to visit:

For further information, contact:
0161 804 7337

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