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Global Investment Property and Wealth Capital, a company renowned for its work with high-net-worth and sophisticated investors on residential refurbishment and conversion projects across the Northwest regions of the UK, have formalised a strategic partnership. This collaboration represents another step in a series of partnerships aimed at broadening investment opportunities and facilitating wealth creation through property investment.

Phill Etchells, Head of Sales at Global Investment Property, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are delighted to partner with Wealth Capital. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing our clients with access to quality investment opportunities in the Northwest”. 

This partnership combines Global Investment Property’s extensive online platform and network with Wealth Capital‘s expertise in residential projects, aiming to offer investors a comprehensive and streamlined experience. It promises access to select projects characterised by their potential for profitability and strategic value.

This initiative is tailored to meet the expectations of sophisticated investors, ensuring that each investment is well-positioned for success and aligned with long-term wealth creation goals. The partnership stands as a commitment to innovation and responsible growth in the property investment sector, emphasising a shared dedication to delivering value and integrity. 

For further details about the partnership and available investment opportunities, please visit:

About Global Investment Property

Global Investment Property is a leading online portal for property investment, connecting investors with a variety of residential and commercial properties. The platform specialises in identifying and offering high-potential investment projects to a global audience.

About Wealth Capital

Wealth Capital serves high-net-worth and sophisticated investors, focusing on residential refurbishment and conversion projects in the Northwest regions of the UK. The Company has over 3 decades of experience, a strong pipeline of stock and offers excellent secured fixed income investments for their clients

Contact Information:

0161 804 7337

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