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Global Investment Property (GIP) have announced their latest in a series of high-profile partnerships in the property sector, with GETS Property now collaborating with the specialist online property investment portal. This partnership will leverage the strengths of both organisations to offer enhanced investment opportunities to a wider audience.

About GETS Property

With over 40 years of experience in the property market, GETS Property is recognised for its ethical approach and comprehensive market knowledge. Their approach, which combines technology-driven solutions with a deep understanding of the market, ensures clients receive a personalised, efficient investment experience. 

Through this new partnership, GETS Property will extend their reach to a more extensive network of investors whilst positioning itself alongside other leading property companies.

About GIP

GIP is known for its innovative online platform, making premium real estate investment opportunities easily accessible to a wider audience. The collaboration with GETS Property will enrich GIP’s portfolio, aligning with its financial goals and commitment to offering high-quality investment options to its clients.

The Partnership

Both parties are enthusiastic about this partnership, setting new benchmarks in the real estate investment sector. “We’re excited about the partnership with GETS Property , as it brings a wealth of over 40 years of market expertise directly to our platform,” states Phill Etchells, Sales Director for GIP. “Collaborating with a company that has such a strong track record and ethical investment approach allows us to offer our clients not just more, but significantly higher quality investment options”.

For More Information

Investors and interested parties are encouraged to explore the enhanced offerings resulting from this partnership by visiting:

Contact Information:
0161 804 7337

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