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In our Q&A session with GETS Property, we’re privileged to delve into the Liverpool property market with their extensive experience spanning five years. GETS Property offers invaluable insights, successes, and strategies that shape their approach. From investment drivers to emerging trends, let’s uncover the wealth of opportunities in Liverpool’s property landscape – let’s dive right in!

Can you tell us about your experience and background in the Liverpool property market?

How long have you been operating in the Liverpool property market?

We have been involved in the Liverpool property market for the last 5 years, we have always had options across the UK, but Liverpool has really shown itself as a leading city which we are excited to be able to offer.

What motivated you to specialise in this region?

We always strive to provide our clients with the very best opportunities available. The culture of the city combined with the incredible amount of investment and new projects happening gives Liverpool the solid foundations needed for a thriving property market. This meant the city couldn’t be ignored as we were confident it would become of the top performing regions in the UK.

What are some notable achievements or successes you’ve had in the Liverpool
property market?

Our Liverpool investment opportunities sell quicker than anywhere else in the UK, we have now sold more properties in Liverpool than any other locations we have available, and our clients are seeing a much higher ROI compared to the likes of London and Manchester.

What makes Liverpool an attractive investment destination in your opinion?

Can you highlight some key factors driving investment in Liverpool’s property

The capital appreciation and rental yields are consistently ranked among the top performing areas in the UK, whilst the average property price is significantly lower than the UK average, this makes investment opportunities in Liverpool some of the most accessible and lucrative in the UK.

What specific characteristics of Liverpool differentiate it from other property markets?

Major projects such as Liverpool Waters, the construction of the new Everton FC stadium, the reimagining of the Littlewoods building, a waterfront with breathtaking views, and a city rich in history, music and culture.

Are there any emerging trends or developments in Liverpool that investors should be
aware of?

As the city receives more popularity with current property investors, we will start to see an increase in price reflecting the regeneration that is happening. A population strategy for most investors is purchasing new developments off-plan and benefitting from the significant growth year on year before completion, maximising their ROI.

How do you assess the current state of the Liverpool property market?

What are the current market conditions like in terms of supply, demand, and pricing?

In Liverpool there is not enough supply of quality accommodation to meet the demand of the growing population. With a consistent influx of young professionals moving to the city each year, rental demand is always increasing.

Are there any challenges or opportunities investors should be mindful of?

The challenges would be that due to a under supply of property there are currently limited options available with new properties selling out quickly, meaning investors must move fast. With Liverpool now firmly on the map as a UK hotspot more developers are starting projects in the city creating a wide variety of investment opportunities.

How has the market evolved over the past few years, and what do you anticipate for
its future trajectory?

We have seen popularity grow year on year attracting new investors from across UK and overseas. With the cities projects currently underway we have seen savvy investors invest early into the city to benefit from the capital appreciation these projects will generate. Liverpool is already known as one of the best performing cities in the UK and we see this becoming more evident in the future.

GETS Property - Sovereign Point
Sovereign Point, Liverpool

What types of properties are particularly popular or promising in Liverpool right now?

Can you identify any specific property types or sectors that are performing well?

We have seen great performances with high end residential apartments close to the city centre, tailored towards young professionals.

Are there any emerging niches or segments within the market that investors might

Some investors have limited experience with off-plan. This is a strategy that once familiar with, can prove to generate a higher return on investment. With mortgage rates predicted to be much more favourable by the end of 2025, we have seen more investors take to this option.

How do you evaluate the potential for growth or return on investment in different
property types?

We study the market and find trends with what type of accommodation is in demand for that area. We look at the planning permissions with the council to see what new projects or developments are happening nearby.

We are members of the Liverpool Chamber and attend regular committees and events to keep up to date with what is happening in the city. We also use forecasts and predictions on the UK property market as a whole from the most reputable and well-known residential agencies in the UK.

How do you approach due diligence and risk assessment when advising clients on
Liverpool property investments?

We research the developers extensively, assessing track record and previous achievements. We visit every location and evaluate the nearby surroundings before we agree to work on a project.

How do you mitigate potential risks associated with investing in the Liverpool
property market?

We are very particular with who we work with. We carry out extensive due diligence on the developer and the location. We would never put our reputation or our clients at risk.

Are there any regulatory or compliance considerations investors should be aware of?

You always want to ensure that your property meets all the required and relevant regulations which will vary from each style of property. Speaking with experience experts such as us will help determine what certification you should be looking for.

There are also future changes coming into play which may have an impact on certain properties types you should be aware of before proceeding.

Can you share some insights on the rental market in Liverpool?

What is the current rental demand like, and how does it impact investment decisions?

Rental demand in Liverpool is one of the highest in the UK and the city has seen some of the largest increases in rental growth over the past 5 years. Investors are making easier decisions being offered both high yields and high capital appreciation.

Are there any particular neighbourhoods or areas within Liverpool that stand out for
rental properties?

We tend to find the best performing rental properties are those that are situated along the waterfront, or right on the cusp of the city centre.

What rental yield expectations can investors realistically have in the Liverpool

Depending on where you purchase and the style of property, those along the waterfront and on the cusp of the city centre will see rental yields of at least 7%+.

GETS Property - Gladstone Mews
Gladstone Mews, Liverpool

How important is local knowledge and networking in succeeding as a property
investor in Liverpool?

How do you leverage your local expertise and connections to benefit your clients?

We are members of the Chamber of Commerce which gives us inside knowledge of the city and future projects/developments. We also have connections with the top lettings agencies in the city to provide clients with the best after care and management options.

What role do partnerships or collaborations with local stakeholders play in your
investment strategies?

We receive insight and local expert knowledge of the property market to help our clients make informed decisions.

Can you provide examples of how local insights have influenced successful
investment decisions in Liverpool?

Working alongside Liverpool’s most reputable and largest independent estate agent has helped determine the very best properties and locations to offer our investors.

What advice would you offer to investors considering entering the Liverpool property

With the right direction and guidance, it is very easy to make a successful and fruitful investment within the city. We provide free consultations and material to help widen your investment knowledge of Liverpool.

What are some key considerations or steps investors should take before entering the

Are there any common pitfalls or mistakes that investors should avoid?

Doing the right homework or let us do it for you. Making sure you are dealing with a reputable developer and ensuring the location and development fits the priorities of your investment goals.

How can investors best capitalise on the opportunities available in the Liverpool
property market?

By speaking to an organisation like ourselves who are not tied to or work solely for one developer. We pride ourselves on providing only the best investment opportunities that we as individuals would invest in.

How do you see the Liverpool property market evolving in the coming years?

Research and statistics already show how lucrative the Liverpool property market is for investors. As each new milestone is reached in the ongoing regeneration of the city, we see property prices increasing along with population growth and rental demand.

What trends or developments do you anticipate shaping the future of the Liverpool
property market?

Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that could significantly impact the

The Liverpool Waters scheme is the largest regeneration project in Europe with over £5.5bn of investment which aims to redevelop the city’s northern docks into a premier waterfront destination for both local and international investors.

This will transform city living and have a huge impact on property prices and rental values. Other notable projects are Everton FC’s new stadium with an investment of £500 million, a newly constructed Isle of Man Ferry Terminal costing £70 million, and the reimagining of the iconic Littlewoods building into a world class media hub with film and TV studios.

How should investors adapt their strategies to navigate future changes in the
Liverpool property market?

As mentioned before, off-plan is the preferred strategy for many investors now which enables them to secure a property at or below the current market value whilst allowing them to take advantage of the significant capital appreciation these new projects will bring and completing at a time with more favourable mortgage rates.

Finally, can you share a success story or memorable experience from your work in
the Liverpool property market?

One of our now repeat investors purchased outside of London for the first time and chose Liverpool as her city of choice. Initially this was a little out of her comfort zone, as she usually invests very local and manages the properties herself. She decided purchase multiple properties off-plan and upon completion was welcomed with a noticeable amount of equity in her newly completed apartments.

We also arranged for the properties to be fully managed, which was coming out at a NET yield 2% higher than originally forecasted when the properties were first secured. She has now gone on to make further investments in the city and has recommended friends and family.

What lessons did you learn from that experience, and how has it influenced your
approach to your work?

To make sure each client is fully informed of all the opportunities available and dedicate time to explain options that may better benefit the goals they are trying to achieve.

How does that experience reflect your commitment to providing value to your clients
in the Liverpool property market?

We are passionate about our clients and ensure everyone receives the highest level of time, care, and information. We are confident the Liverpool property market provides excellent opportunities to our investors, to which we strictly only recommend the very best options available. We are very transparent, if we do not have an option that meets our clients’ needs, we simply won’t recommend a purchase until we find the perfect property.

Photos by Charles Pragnell and Tembela Bohle.

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